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Published on 17 June 2013
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Blizzard was formed back in the year 1998 by Balor (Drums) and Atze (Guitars) to show the world how to play real DIRTY HEAVY METAL music.
In the year 1999 Joe on bass and Faxe on the vocals entered the band and in the same year the band recorded and released their first demo tape called "Alcoholic Metal Mayhem".
Short after the release of the demo Faxe left the band, because he saw no future for himself in Blizzard because of his horrible voice.
After Faxe left, Atze start to do the vocals beside the guitar and the band played a couple of gigs and wrote the songs for the first 7"EP "Hellish Rock’n’Metal" which was recorded in December 1999 and released in Spring 2000.
After the release of the EP the band played a couple of shows again and did the songs for the split 7"EP with the German Thrashers Witchburner which came out in winter of the same year.
After this split EP Joe left the band and Jan entered as new bass player and the band recorded their first full length album called "Pure Filth and Mayhem" in early 2001 and released it in Spring of the same year.
The band split up after a show with the Japanese Old School Brigade Abigail in October of the year 2001.
After 7 years Atze, Jan and Balor came together again in 2008 to show the world one more time the meaning of REAL DIRTY HEAVY METAL MUSIC.
The first strike in the faces of all posers out there is now the 7"EP "The Return Of Pure Filth And Mayhem" that came up together with the CD rerelease of the old shit at the end of this year on Undercover Records.
In 2009 they recorded the second album came out, “The roaring Tanks of Armageddon”.
After this release a couple of shows followed all over Europe.
In 2010 a Split 10” with the Japanese Metal Punks of Barbatos was released, called “United Metal Punks”. Both bands went on a European tour to promote the release.
The full length album “Rock’n’Roll Overkill” came out in 2010. And again shows followed all over Europe.
The last strike till now was “Fuck the Universe”, released in 2012, which was promoted on a European tour with the Italian crazy guys of Fingernails.
Two new releases are planned in 2013 – the first Blizzard-DVD a Picture 7”.

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2013 "DVD" & Picture 7"
2012 "Fuck the UniverseW (Release March 2012)
2010 "Rock 'n' Roll Overkill"
2009 "United Metal Punks" (Barbados/Blizzard Split 10")
2008 "Roaring Tanks of Armageddon"
2007 "The Return of Pure Filth and Mayhem" (7" EP)
2001 "Pure Filth and Mayhem"
2000 "United Forces of Metal Raging War" (Witchburner/Blizzard Split 7")
2000 "Hellish Rock 'n' Metal" (7" EP)
1999 "Alcoholic Metal Mayhem" (Demo Tape)

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