Interview with GENERICHRIST

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An interview with Tony Anderson, front man and co-founder of the band GENERICHRIST.Reading this interview, you will find how A metal band could be close to you, their music taste, influence, top 10 list, favorite movies, even their band life tempo.

1) Can you give a brief history on Generichrist?

Anderson: The band was formed in late 2003 early 2004 I began to write songs with a guitar player named Jim Ross in Pinellas Park Florida. We would write music in this firework shop that he worked at and he also lived upstairs in the place. We would be in there at night jamming and getting fucked up and I just remember explosives of every size and kind everywhere it was a trip and not what you would call very safe  . The band was not taken very serious by myself until years later after many member changes now we finally have what I think is our best line-up yet. I've been playing with the guitar player Guy Loucks jr for many years and our drummer Chris Maraman and bassist Ed Webb have been involved for years now also.

2) What is the current line-up of Generichrist?

Tony Anderson - vocals
Guy Loucks Jr -guitar
Joe " Chimp " Hujbar - guitar
Ed Webb - Bass/Vocals 
Chris Maraman- Drums

3) Can you introduce the new record? Also explain how you became involved with AreaDeath Productions?

Anderson: The new record is called '" House Of Ill Repute " and it has just been released on AreaDeath Productions. It has seven songs on it and as always features the art of Mark Cooper who is one of my favorite artists. We also had the horror actor Bill Moseley return as guest on the album he has been on previous records also. This is actually our third release with Wang and AreaDeath Productions they always put out a quality products and they take pride in the presentation and are also part of the Generichrist family. 

4.       What are you and your band listening now?

Anderson: We all listen to different shit from Thash Metal , Punk Rock , Death Metal , Blues and Jazz and I think a little of all these styles can be found in our music.

5.       Which bands are the influences of GENERICHRIST ? Maybe enumerate 7 most important bands.

Anderson : Myself I would have to say Slayer , Ac/dc, Autopsy , Dwarves , old Megadeth , Venom and Black Sabbath .  I think If you asked each of us in the band you would get different choices but as far as me that is a few it is hard to only pick seven.

6.       What is your TOP 10 Metal albums in 2014?

Anderson : I have eight I can mention as they are on rotation in my player in no particulate order .

1)Autopsy : Tourniquets , Hacksaws , and Graves
2) Dwarves : The Dwarves Invented Rock n Roll
4) Massacre : Back from Beyond
5) Obituary : Inked In Blood
6 )Horrendous – Ecdysis 
7)Cannibal Corpse – A Skeletal Domain
8) Godflesh – A world Lit Only by Fire

7.       What are your TOP10 Metal albums all time?

Anderson: Oh shit hate questions like this so many to pick from but Ill try...

1) Exhorder : Slaughter In The Vatican
2) Death :  Spiritual Healing
3) Deicide : Deicide
4) Mercyful Fate -Melisa
5) Autopsy :Severed Survival
6) Megadeth : Killing is My Business
7) Slayer : Reign In Blood 
8) Morbid Angel : Blessed are the sick
9) Obituary : Cause Of Death
10)Dark Angel: Darkness Descends

8.       What is the best & worst moment of GENERICHRIST in 2014?
Anderson :The Best thing was finally finishing the two new records and as far as worst Id say as a band we had a pretty good year so not many complaints.

9.       Are there any stories behind the songs of album House Of Ill Repute?
Anderson: With the lyrics I think allot of the time it is what the listener interrupts them as . Some times when you find out the meaning of a song it can disappoint the listener as it means something totally different to them. I know when I write them they are influenced by my own personal experiences and of course some are influenced by Horror movies and things of this nature.

10.       We have all seen the rise of the trend of retro-metal, for your opinion, what is the specialty of GENERICHRIST compared with other retro old school death or thrash metal bands?
Anderson: I will unfortunately say what many other bands say and I have always said the same thing . We really do whatever we want I never started this band to be a Death Metal band or a Thrash Metal band our influences just bleed through. I like to think of us as a Heavy Metal band....

11.       Are there any changes after bassist/vocal Edwin Webb joined the band?
Anderson : Ed has been in the band since 2009 but this is his first record with us. He should of been on the Strangulation demo but we had some schedule issues. He is one my best friends and a monster on the stage and I am glad to have him involved . 

12.  You are also a horror movie addict. If this is true, I believe some of us are curious. So, what are your TOP 10 horror movies? 
Anderson: Yes I love horror movies and really enjoy the older films. I really am into black and white horror movies and of course the 1980's ones I grew up on.  This is another impossible question but Ill take a stab at it and think back to what effected me the most as a kid.
      1) Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( 1974)
      2) The Shining (1980)
      3) Evil Dead (1981)
      4) White Zombie (1932)
      5) Psycho (1960)
      6) The Black Cat ( 1934)
      7) Suspiria ( 1977)
      8) Frankenstein ( 1931)
      9 ) Nightmare on Elm Street ( 1984)
     10) House of 1000 Corpses ( 2003)

13.   Are you collecting CDs or Vinyls, show us your most valued albums, I mean the value in your eyes.
Anderson:  I have a lot of vinyl that I have had since I was younger. The ones that have value to me are the ones that I got a certain shows I was at or if it was a gift from friends or bands. I do think it sucks how people are forced to pay hundreds of dollars for records these days and some of that is actually to blame on the bands who release ridiculously limited numbers.

14.   Do you still remember the first show of GENERICHRIST, was it successful? Which show is the most successful one in your memory?
Anderson : I kind of remember the first show it was some time ago things have changed allot since then .We have had many shows that stand out to me through the years but I think the thing that is cool for us is we have gotten to play and hang out with many bands we grew up fan's of .....That is the coolest thing in my opinion.

15.   Do you like to watch shows? Which one was really impressing you? Or some story about your old memory. Compared with old times, do you think the vibe of shows today got changed? 
Anderson: I have seen a lot of shows I started going at a very young age. I don't know so much about the vibe but I think the internet has made people lazy they would rather stay home then experience a live show and that is just fucking lame.

16. Last words for readers?
Anderson: Yes thank you for the support and check out the new record " House Of Ill Repute " on AreaDeath Productions and visit us at for updates !!!