Out Now: ABHORRENT - History To The World's End [Compilation]

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History To The World's End

Release Date: 17th July 2013

"History To The World's End" double CD pack collected all their recordings from 1989-1998. It comes to raw, merciless South American Death Metal! Limited 1000 copies, get a copy for you.


SEXTRASH, HEADHUNTER D.C., TOXODETH, MASACRE, MORTEM, HADEZ... and ABHORRENT! Probably you know those names from early South American death metal scene(If not, Shame on you!). ABHORRENT formed in 1987(as ACCURST). Their music is more like a bastard of Death and Technical Thrash Metal and they are veterans of South American death metal scene. You should really give this demo compilation a spin! 

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